Go Design Something: Building Your Job-Winning Portfolio

A systematic approach to building a kickass instructional design portfolio.
Why Do You Even Need A Portfolio?
Why are You Here?
Portfolio Process
What Does a Good Portfolio Look Like?
Designer-First vs Work-First
How many Projects?
Revisiting your Portfolio
What Kinds of Artifacts?
Exercise #1: Through a Client’s Eyes
A Portfolio Process
How this Course Works
Tools Of the Trade
What Tools Should I Use?
What Should I Make?
Resources: Free and Open Source Tools
Get your Inspiration Here!
What about NDAs?
Exercise #2: Find the Pain
Making Time to Make
Planning Your Portfolio
Writing It Out: The Beginning
Exercise #3: Begin at the Beginning
Writing it Out: The Middle
Exercise #4: A Champion Rises...
Writing It Out: The Ending
Exercise #5: It's the Final Write Up
The Design Artifacts
ID Deliverables
No Artifact? No Problem!
Exercise #6: Artifaction
Case Studied
Package it Up
Packaging Your Portfolio
Offline Portfolio Options
Online Portfolio Options
Ship it!
Hosting Options
What's In a Domain Name?
To Website Builder or Not to Website Builder?
Instructional Design Interview Questions
Exercise #7: Ready to share? User Testing your Portfolio
Wrapping Up
Wrapping Up