Go Design Something: Building Your Job-Winning Portfolio by Kristin Anthony
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Go Design Something: Building Your Job-Winning Portfolio

A systematic approach to building a kickass instructional design portfolio.
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This course will walk you through a repeatable process that you can use, whether your building your first portfolio from scratch or looking to update an existing portfolio. Instead of wasting your time fiddling with a WordPress theme, this course will start you on the right track to actually creating a portfolio that works.

What's included?

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Why Do You Even Need A Portfolio?
Why are You Here?
Portfolio Process
What Does a Good Portfolio Look Like?
Designer-First vs Work-First
How many Projects?
Revisiting your Portfolio
What Kinds of Artifacts?
Exercise #1: Through a Client’s Eyes
A Portfolio Process
How this Course Works
Tools Of the Trade
What Tools Should I Use?
What Should I Make?
Resources: Free and Open Source Tools
Get your Inspiration Here!
What about NDAs?
Exercise #2: Find the Pain
Making Time to Make
Planning Your Portfolio
Writing It Out: The Beginning
Exercise #3: Begin at the Beginning
Writing it Out: The Middle
Exercise #4: A Champion Rises...
Writing It Out: The Ending
Exercise #5: It's the Final Write Up
The Design Artifacts
ID Deliverables
No Artifact? No Problem!
Exercise #6: Artifaction
Case Studied
Package it Up
Packaging Your Portfolio
Offline Portfolio Options
Online Portfolio Options
Ship it!
Hosting Options
What's In a Domain Name?
To Website Builder or Not to Website Builder?
Instructional Design Interview Questions
Exercise #7: Ready to share? User Testing your Portfolio
Wrapping Up
Wrapping Up

Skill Trees LX

Howdy! I'm Kristin. I'm a learning experience designer and JavaScript developer focusing on game and interaction development to make learning experiences more engaging and more effective. I'm also the host of the Dear Instructional Designer podcast, where I focus on the newbie instructional design experience and the instructional design journey. I created Skill Trees LX to create effective resources targeted to instructional design newbies and IDs who, like me, are constantly striving to improve and learn.


Who is this course for?

If you're an instructional design newbie, wannabe, or a veteran looking to update your portfolio into something that truly works, this course is for you!